Thursday, 27 January 2011

waiting for ....

We are still waiting for spring, but there are times when a photo session cannot wait. This is the case with pregnancy photography – one must take into account the due date.

Also that day we didn't have to much time for session, Ida is now in 37 week of pregnacy so it's quite hard to jump everywhere and pose...but you can check below how amazing she is and we had so much fun too.

That "little belly" she has is turning into a real-life baby soon. Her son is stinking cute…so I’m guessing Mr. Brother is going to be cute too. I want him to come out right now :)

And here’s the beautiful mummy-to-be and her beautiful tummy!




  1. oh I like them so much! beautiful work! :-)

  2. Piekna mama :) I ma cudowny usmiech :)
    Zdjęcia z parasolką moje ulubione - a ostatnie..... :-D

  3. O tak, mama powinna się zdecydowanie częściej uśmiechać :) A ściana z cegieł obłędna!

  4. Cudowne! Nasza Pipi nie wygląda, jak się opisuje:P Ostatnie zdjęcie..ehh, cudowne!
    Pani fotograf, dobra robota.

  5. These are so beautiful! I love your work. I love your perspective.

  6. lubię to, co robisz z oczami na zdjęciach. Jaki to obiektyw..

  7. Sylwia thank u :)
    Ewa mi sie tez podobala, mam slabosc do kamieni i fajnych faktur
    Szki-ta dziekuje :))) i pozdrawiam
    Brittany such a complement from you...I'm sooooo happy you like my work :) thank you :)
    arbuziary dziekuje :) obiektyw to canon 24-70 f/2.8L USM

  8. Cudowna sesja Pani fotograf! I modelka oczywiscie takze piekna, a ten usmiech.... :)

  9. wow, so many beautiful captures! quite in love with the last image & her shawl is fantastic!

  10. Hundred dziekuje :))) usmiech wyjatkowy to prawda ! :)
    Delie :)) milo mi,ze sie podoba
    Christine thank u so much oh yes shawl ! I'm trying to hunt something similar :) as I'm addicted to all cosy clothes :)