Sunday, 6 February 2011

A blogging award!

Guess what!?
I have been given with the blog award :)
It is such a nice feeling that somebody actually visit my space and like it :))) amazing !
Christine who awarded me, is that kind of person that you look at the her photo and even we never met I feel a connection ...there is something in her smile I guess...
Go and check her piece of world here !  
thank you so much Christine!

The Rules:

1.) Thank and link back to the blog that gave you your award
2.) Share seven things about yourself.
3.) Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4.) Contact the bloggers to let them know you've given them an award.

7 things about myself

1. In my life I've had one dog, three hamsters, 7 chinchillas, 2 budgies & 3 fishes. It's nothing my hubby had a python snake  :)(!)
2. I love tea I drink about 10 cups ( bucket size :) a day
3. I have sung in the choir for many years
4  I love Dr House :))
5. I make the worst cabel mess ever I don't know even how does it happen :)
6. I have never smoked even one cigarrette in my entire life.
7. My dream, when I was a little girl was to play violin

{Fifteen- well in my case just 10 :)} Gorgeous Must-Follow-Blogs apart from Christine's in no particular order

1.Marta from Martencja Photography- Musician & photographer for amazing photos with a cello sound in background :)
2.Brittany from Brittany Stover Photography great photography with bright colours and joy plus extremely useful photo tips.
3.Sarah at Sarah Gardner Photography for great textures unique photo processing
4.Loreta at All the beautifull things for different brilliant capturing of real life
5.Michele from Pinkletoes another great photoblog
6.Angie at Simplicity Photography love it!
7.Megan at Megan Photo I'm regular visitor
8 Beth -Beth Jansen Photography love that colours and her high heels :)
9.Sylwia Lipska SL Photography my photofriend from Second British Island :)
10.Anna Pawleta -Anna Pawleta Photography beautifull photos especially of her children  :)

I will not leave you without a photo :)
here comes
view from my window :) enjoy!
and have a great week!


  1. Księżyc zjawiskowy i kilka nowych blogów do podglądania ;) Dziękuję! A przede wszystkim gratuluję. To niezwykle miłe, kiedy ktoś nas obdarowuje takim wyróźnieniem, prawda?
    Udanego poniedziałku!

  2. zdjęcie superowe!!!
    a te ciekawostki z Twojego życia to coraz fajniejsze możesz takie raz w miesiącu zapodawać;)