Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The three faces of Wiktoria

Let me introduce you to Wiktoria..a very special girl.We met 4 years ago when she was a little cute girl, now she is a little woman and almost a professional model I can tell :)
Working with her was a real pleasure.
So...Here she comes! Wiktoria in three different styles: magical "fairy" one, romantic and funky, she looks great in every single one don't you think? Enjoy !




  1. Hello :-) I don't believe you have your own photo page right now! I couldn't wait for it! Great pics, you know that!! :-))

  2. hi-ran across your blog on megan photo-you do BEAUTIFUL work!...what lenses did u use for the winter shots of the frost, pines, etc.?

  3. Hello :) and thank u for your comment. For winter shots with pines I used only one lens : 24-70 1/2.8 L greetings from UK :)